Your dream house really does exist somewhere in a lovely city, town or village street, and the team at Debbie Mels Lommers Makelaars can find it for you. We're the first on the doorstep and advise you right from the viewing to the winning offer. A buyer's agent puts you in a strong playing position and increases your chances of making a purchase. 

The process of buying a house can be very hectic. In these days especially, when homes are changing hands quickly, we can really make a difference as a buyer's agent. We play the game for you, shoulder all the burdens, and guide you completely throughout the buying process. As a result, you know what you're buying, and you avoid paying too much without realising it. Moreover, a seller is more inclined to play the game with a potential buyer who has engaged a buyer's agent. Why? Because it reduces the chance that a deal falls through, which could be the case if financing can't be obtained, or repair works arise.


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At Debbie Mels Lommers Makelaars, we use Copaan. This is a unique system, in which you can select your preferences very specifically. Do you want to live close to a station? Do you have an idea in mind about the size and location of your dream garden? Simply state all your preferences, prioritise them, and let Copaan do the work for you. You'll be immediately notified when your dream house comes on the market; sometimes even before the house appears on Funda! Request a viewing via Copaan and complete the checklist. With our assistance and Copaan's help, you'll find your dream house very quickly and efficiently!

A unique system for finding your ideal house.


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They often say. That's because we know about things you can't see on Funda. It might be houses which have just come on the market, or hidden defects in a home, such as a clogged, old oil tank in that sunny back garden, or the zoning plans around your dream house. You can read it all in the house scan we give you. We eliminate your worries and give you honest and well-founded advice about the fair value of the house and the amount of the offer, so you can make the right decision. Conscious, substantiated, and with a full understanding of the facts. We go beyond ensuring a good offer and your dream house as a result, we also deploy all our expertise for your 'golden set'. In the world of tennis, that means winning a set without conceding a single point... and we're very competitive. 

"If Debbie can't find it, it doesn't exist"

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Have you found your dream house, and do you want to win this game? Or are you interested in what we have to offer? Then please contact us for an online chat about our service. During this chat, we provide free advice on things you should take into account, which details are important, and the real dos and don'ts. Also really useful for first-time buyers on the housing market.


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We played 107 golden sets and made 224 people happy with a new home

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A buyer's agent exists to represent the interests of the buyer. We play the game for you, like an estate agent does for the opponent; the seller. To make our point, let's compare using a buyer's agent to playing a tennis match. After all, everyone can play tennis, but the estate agent plays at a professional level. The estate agent has an expert backhand, while you are a mere enthusiastic amateur struggling to even master the rules. You're playing a match against Roger Federer, so who do you think will come out on top? 

Put us in your place as a worthy opponent, and we'll go for a golden set. We'll win without losing a single point and score your dream house for you. 

100% purchase guarantee

Weronica & Richard

We are a Polish and English couple who used Debbie Mels Lommers Makelaars to sell our house in Veldhoven. We are completely satisfied with their professional help and advice. They were always ready if we needed to call or ask questions also there flexibility is great. If you want to sell your property have a chat with them there is nothing they can not arrange.

We are really happy with our choice to pick Debbie and the rest of her team to help us with the purchase of our house. They made the process very easy, they were quick in their reactions and with their network and brand name, our offer was selected by the sellers, although it was not the highest one. What else can someone ask for? Thanks a lot girls!



Debbie Mels Lommers Makelaars went above and beyond my expectations. They helped me negotiate and buy the house that i really wanted. The team is very professional and nice to work with. I highly recommend their services for those looking to purchase a house. I didnt know much about the house buying process. They helped me step by step to organize everything and to attain the advice on all the financial aspects involved.

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