Seal the deal! Once captivated by the enthusiasm of Debbie Mels and her team, every buying or selling process becomes a fun experience. With radiant smiles and bags of energy, they always go for the best result, from the first contact to the official exchange of contract. At Debbie Mels Lommers Makelaars, you don't just sign up for your dream house, you sign up for enthusiasm, honesty and trust.

Trust is something Debbie finds very important, because Debbie, Marieke and Amber all want to do the right thing for their customers. They go for gold! And they're driven by more than their in-depth knowledge of the housing market in Eindhoven and Southeast Brabant, the Brainport region.

            Debbie Mels Lommers Makelaars


Thanks to the team's rational approach, both the house and your decision are based on solid foundations. This team keeps a cool head, but at the same time empathises deeply with clients. The lines of communication are really short. For example, each client has their own WhatsApp group. Debbie, Marieke and Amber can be reached with just one ping. Successes and the unescapable enthusiasm are shared in the WhatsApp group. Which viewing was successful, and what are the expectations of the offers? This all makes buying or selling a house not just exciting, but really fun. None of these processes are purely business driven, as emotions also play a significant role. Tears of happiness sometimes flow when buying a house, and this can also affect the Debbie Mels Lommers Makelaars team. That's because in addition to their decisiveness and drive for success, they empathise deeply with their clients. Every process really is a joint effort. 

‘What really satisfies me? When customers say to me years later: "Thank you Debbie, we still love living here!" That happens regularly, and it makes me very happy.’

Debbie Mels

Three tenacious ladies comprise the team at Debbie Mels Lommers Makelaars, the estate agent that thinks outside the box. These stars go further than just radiant smiles (although these do look lovely, it has to be said). They put on their trainers and really get moving, to provide the best possible service to all customers. This could concern selling or buying a home, or maybe both, because we can also supervise the entire process. Each situation is thoroughly discussed. A clear step-by-step plan and a who-does-what list mean all the important actions are as clear as white wine. Debbie, Marieke and Amber work tirelessly and efficiently. Whatever someone's housing dream might be, these ladies achieve success by listening attentively, giving their customers good and honest advice, and doing what they promise every day: buying or selling that dream home. The lady keeps her word. The team and customers often have reason to celebrate together. 

Three enthusiastic ladies

More than 2,000 satisfied clients

We love facts and

Ladies with to-do lists and celebrations with a glass of wine

Average score of 9.4 for both buying and selling

44.628 WhatsAppjes ontvangen & verstuurd

Wines to celebrate successes – lost count –



‘Years ago, I bought a flat through Debbie Mels. Later, she sold this flat for me again, and helped me when I was buying a home. I'm very happy with her knowledge and expertise. She is honest, direct and helpful. If someone asks me for advice when buying or selling a house, I always recommend Debbie Mels Lommers Makelaars.’

Pleased to meet you 

Debbie Mels is voorzitter van NVM-afdeling Zuidoost-Brabant. Ook is zij woningmarkt consultant. In die rol denkt Debbie mee over de opzet van nieuwe woningbouwlocaties, over de keuze van de te bouwen woningen en over de invulling van herbestemmings- en stadsvernieuwingsprojecten in Eindhoven en omgeving. Ken je Debbie nog ergens van? Dat kan! Debbie Mels treedt als makelaar op in het RTL 4-programma ‘Voor Hetzelfde Geld’ met Natasja Froger. Daarin gaan stellen uit de grote stad op zoek naar een nieuwe woning in het buitengebied of een dorp achteraf. Vaak zijn de huizenprijzen daar een stuk vriendelijker en de tuinen een stuk groter. Ook dat doet ze met veel enthousiasme en een brede Brabantse glimlach.

Debbie on paper

Time for a break from the hectic work? Then Debbie enjoys comfortable moments in her garden. With the barbecue sizzling, some music playing and a glass of wine in her hand, she's the queen of all she surveys. Debbie is an enthusiastic, attentive perfectionist. She takes care of her guests in the same way she takes care of her customers and does everything she can to make them feel at home. She created her own beautiful home in Eindhoven, in a new development project that she designed together with a project developer. Debbie is also very close to her family. Once a year, she goes on a city break with her mother. What you also need to know: never give Debbie yellow flowers! She doesn't mind the smell, it's the yellow that upsets her.

Debbie likes playing tennis and skiing. She enjoys the '19th hole' and the après-ski even more. She keeps up her Burgundian lifestyle with sports, but what she likes most of all is to snuggle up with a good book.

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Put on the trainers and go! But only after a look in the mirror, because Marieke doesn't set foot outside her house without make-up. She's also in a close relationship with her hair straightener, and best not to even mention her endless collection of colourful trainers! Marieke has a pair of beauties to match every outfit perfectly. Marieke is calm and relaxed; she's very thick-skinned. The polar opposite of Debbie, she has been her right-hand woman for fifteen years. The ladies understand what's needed easily, one word is enough... in contrast to the wine! You can make Marieke very happy with a glass of red wine and a delicious cheeseboard. She describes herself as someone who's very handy and unable to sit still. That's just as well, because she's sporty and enjoys DIY.

Marieke likes to kick a ball around on the football field, and like Debbie, she loves to party, and is always available to help. On the other hand, she's no fan of reading, but she does appreciate a clean and tidy house.

This Benjamin of the team stands firmly on her own two feet. She burst into Debbie's estate agency overflowing with enthusiasm. Suitable ✔. She's the girl-next-door type with a friendly smile. Amber is an easy talker, and good listener. She grew up in a village, but now lives in the middle of the city where she fully enjoys all the hustle and bustle and frequent evenings with her friends and wine. Amber was always interested in the property market, but decided to study communications. However, she couldn't resist her true calling in life, and chose Debbie's company to graduate. This star now has a communication degree in her pocket and her own workplace at the estate agency!

Amber is juggling lots of balls at the same time. She combines her job with her studies, yet still finds time for sports. Her wardrobe is packed with trainers and textbooks, especially from the Academie voor Vastgoed (Real Estate Academy). That's the real estate course this busy bee sinks her teeth into.